About the New Jersey Housing Affordability Service (HAS)

About the New Jersey Housing Affordability Service (HAS)

The Housing Affordability Service (HAS) at New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency is an approved affordable housing administrative agent. HAS works with  municipalities and developers of affordable housing to ensure that their affordable housing units are administered properly and effectively. Through the administration of these units across the State, HAS makes affordable housing available to those who need it.

The existing NJ FHA regulations require that all municipalities seeking affordable housing credits contract with an approved administrative agent. The Uniform Housing Affordability Controls (UHAC, N.J.A.C 5:80-26.1) govern most affordable housing units. HAS makes sure that all applicable UHAC policies and regulations are followed when developing and occupying affordable housing for its clients.

  • What is an affordable housing administrative agent?
    An Administrative Agent is an entity responsible for administering and monitoring affordable housing units that are subject to the Uniform Housing Affordability Controls (UHAC). Administrative Agents are responsible for certifying eligible households and furnishing the proper restrictive documents for affordable units. 

  • Why would a municipality or developer need an administrative agent?
    Any municipality providing affordable housing under the NJ FHA regulations is required to contract with an approved administrative agent in order to receive credit for its affordable housing units.

  • I have questions. How can I get some additional information?
    If you have any questions regarding the Housing Affordability Service you may call the HAS Information line at 609-278-7505.
Housing Affordability Service (HAS)