Information for Consumers

Information for Consumers

Potential Buyers - How to find housing

All HAS for-sale units are listed on the New Jersey Housing Resource Center (NJHRC) website. Our units will say “HAS” on the listing. You will be able to download instructions and the pre-application directly from the website whenever there is a HAS unit available. This pre-application serves as your entry into the random selection (lottery) drawing for that specific unit.

Some helpful links include:

Current HAS Homeowners - Reselling your home

In order to resell your affordable housing unit you must first notify HAS in writing, including your name, address, telephone number and email address (if applicable). HAS staff will process your request and mail back an Intent to Sell document that will include your Maximum Re-sale Price (MRP), a Property Information Worksheet, and a request for any missing documents. Once you have signed and returned the re-sale packet, HAS will move forward with marketing your home.

All written requests for resale must include the owners name, property address, mailing address (if different from property address), and a contact phone number and email. These requests can be faxed to 609-278-1149, Attn: HAS Resale Assistant or mailed to:

Attn: HAS Resale Assistant
P.O. Box 18550
Trenton, NJ 08650-2085

Current HAS Homeowners - Refinancing your home

Owners of affordable units may be able to refinance their existing mortgage. If you are interested in refinancing, you must contact HAS in writing to request approval for the refinance. Your letter should include your name, address, telephone/mobile number and an email address (if applicable). HAS will also need the name of the refinancing lender as well as a contact person at the lender (including their name, telephone number and email address). HAS will contact you upon receipt of your information to move forward with the refinancing process.

Potential Renters - How to find housing

Property managers of HAS rental developments utilize the Housing Resource Center website to list their available rental units. In order to be considered for a rental unit, you must contact the property manager directly and follow any instructions provided.