Municipal Services

Municipal Services

Housing Affordability Service (HAS) offers a variety of services to their municipal partners:

  1. Administration of municipal affordable housing stock
    HAS oversees all administrative activities associated with the municipal affordable housing stock. This oversight includes monitoring of compliance with UHAC regulations, certification of eligible households, training of developers, owners, and landlords, and the resale of existing affordable housing units.

    If you are in need of an Administrative Agent and would like to receive a proposal for or to discuss HAS services, please contact Natasha Encarnacion, Business Development Coordinator at

  2. Technical Assistance
    HAS staff is always available to discuss a municipal clients affordable housing program and any compliance issues that may arise. HAS will provide assistance and recommendations to the municipality.

  3. Report Preparation
    HAS maintains a database of all the affordable housing units it administers. This database is the key to producing the required DCA/LPS (Local Planning Services) annual report for its municipal clients. This report is completed and submitted to DCA/LPS every spring as directed by the municipality.

  4. Foreclosure Prevention Assistance
    HAS takes a great interest in helping municipalities maintain their affordable housing stock. HAS staff will notify the municipality when it receives information regarding foreclosures on any affordable units. HAS is able to provide assistance and options about how best to preserve affordable units that are threatened by foreclosure.